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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Blue House by the sea

Western Australia is truly beautiful in every way. One of the spectacular place I visited is the BLUE HOUSE.

It's not always the case you get a clear sight with no one along the Blue House walk way. In actual fact, you don't really get to have an empty Blue House photo easily as there is a queue waiting in line to tangkap their selfie moment and I am not kidding you.
See the many heads waiting in line. There was even a couple I caught taking their pre wedding shots here! It's just lovely.

The Blue House from afar while we were walking towards it.

An overwhelming group of crowd is already way ahead of us and more to come.
And hence when it was our turn (after waiting patiently for more than 20 minutes) we went all out for our ultimate pictures!

Mom sat on the floor and terus cannot sit up straight! Hahahahaa!
Back on track, we posed for a mother-daughter moment at this famous Blue House.
Mom enjoying her moment at the Blue House. The winds are so strong.

Mom enjoying her breezy moment by the blue house. Mom be careful you don't fall.
A nice family photo.

Now you have a clear view (minus the people)....
Now u don't!
 Wedding Entourage
After spending a good 10 mins, and feeling satisfied, we slowly walked back to our path where we parked. A good ten minutes walk that was safe because....
the pedestrian walkways are large and very safe and it's designed with pedestrians' safely in mind. Kudis to that! Check out the very wide walkway only for pedestrians. We felt so safe walking there. No cars allowed!
One last shot of mom and the blue house from afar before we left
My little brother and me posing next to a huge palm tree
 There are some things I really love about this place. When it's not raining, huge clouds surround the clear blue skies and fills it up!
While walking back we noticed a group of people doing some camping and picnic by the beach side.
I came across a magnificent sight with a yacht by the sea. Beautiful, with the sun shining down and walking in the cool breeze. What an unforgettable moment. 

 Cooling Weather. Bright Sunny Days
A fabulous and day well spent! 
We had great memories to bring home.

Barbeque Set Dinner at TrEat Restaurant and bar, Oakwood Hotel

I just love the way this restaurant puts it's name. TrEat....How clever! At a glance you see the word EAT! And of course it's a restaurant to MAKAN! I was recently introduced to their Barbeque Set Dinner which I find great for gathering for a mini makan-makan session with a group of friends and especially meat lovers. Read on to find out what I had there a few days ago.
TrEat Restaurant and Bar at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur has rolled out a new promotion called the Barbeque Set Dinner. This set dinner is good for 4 pax and is available for dinner every Saturdays from now till 20th December 2017. If you're looking for a place to chill with a small group of friends, this is a great place to go.  This set menu consist of a variety of items which consist of beef striploin, chicken, tiger prawns, lamb, seabass, grilled vegetables and bread pudding.
The Barbeque Dinner Set is priced at RM180++ without wine and RM230++ with a bottle of red or white wine) and is good for a serving of up to 4 pax.
The restaurant has a great view too. The pool is just next to the restaurant. You can enjoy a mouth-watering dinner with a beautiful atmosphere with a pool side view.
We started off with the salads. Fresh greens topped in light dressing to kick start our meal.
Next we had the grilled vegetables and baked potatoes. I loved how the vegetables were nice and soft but not soggy.
Ohhhhh when the beef and lamb meat platter arrived, I was dumbfounded by the portion. This can actually feed more than 4 pax I said to myself. These are awesome portions for meat lovers!!!
Here comes my favourite part. I loved the beautifully marinated chicken. The sauce is superb! We also had grilled prawns and seabass. 
We paired our meaty affair with a bottle of red wine that goes so well with the food. The Australian wine is super smooth.  
The set also consist of bread pudding and fruit cocktail as dessert. 
I loved their food presentation.
The fruit cocktail is not overly sweet.

When craving for a decent Barbeque dinner, with a stunning Kuala Lumpur city view,you can always come here. OAKWOOD HOTEL & RESIDENCE KUALA LUMPUR is located at
222, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. For reservations, call 03-2720 3888 or email or

Follow OAKWOOD HOTEL & RESIDENCE KUALA LUMPUR on Facebook at  or their Instagram at for promotion updates and more.